What to do in Oxford for hipsters.

Bike WildeAfter having spent several summers studying the native hipster in their natural environment of a craft beer pub. I have come up with a list of locations to help the native and sometimes endangered hipster in Oxford. I don’t use the term Hipster as a pejorative term but one for an etherial group of people with innovative clothing and style. So here is. ‘What to do in Oxford for hips

For their plumage, I’ve found clothing stores. Shops to decorate their nest and several watering holes. To help increase mobility I’ve found bike shops. All of the shops have originated in Oxford and are independently run. So here is a list of things to do in Oxford.

If you devo need a morning pick me up. How about starting your day with a coffee in the Covered Market?


Oxford has quite a tradition with coffee with two of the oldest coffee shops in the U.K. and possibly Europe. Colombia Coffee roasters are third-generation coffee producers; who run everything from the farm in Colombia to the hipster styled coffee shop in the Covered Market. Bare wooden seating and industrial looking fittings.

The coffee is excellent, the images they make in the coffee are extra-ordinary and please try the mochacinno!

Opening hours:

Mon – Friday: 9 – 5:30 pm

Sat: 8:30 – 5:30 pm

Sunday: 10 – 4pm

The Covered Market




For something to help you chillax.

If you are looking for something truly unique or want to see an Oxford Aladdin’s cave. I can not recommend more the shop known as Scriptum. A shop of eye-catching wanders that will grab you from setting eyes upon the award-winning window displays, to the internals that would make Oscar Wilde envious.

Co-incidentally Wilde frequented the Mitre pub next door to Scriptum. If you’re a hipster wanting to convey your eccentricities with furnishings of Italian and British quality you will find something here. As well as the ornaments to adorn your flat, the shop is known for its hand made writing materials, pens and Venetian masks.

Opening hours:

Mon –Sat: 9:30 – 6 pm

Sunday: 11am – 5:30 pm


3 Turl Street,


+44 (0) 1865 200042


Souvenirs to keep you warm

Campus buttery

As the nights draw in it might be of interest to our hipsters to keep their heads warm. If you are looking for beanie where better than to find one in an old haunt of Oscar Wilde. If you go too broad street you will find a bevvy of beanies dedicated to Oxford. It also happens to be the former location of Oscar Wilde’s suit maker.

Opening hours:

Daily: 8:30 – 6 pm

11-12 Broad Street,



Dukes Barbers

For a beard trim where better than a professionally trained barber?

Opening hours:

Mon – Sat: 8:30 – 5:30 pm

Sunday: 10 – 5 pm

12 Golden Cross, Oxford OX1 3EU


Craft beer: The Teardrop Bar

Oxford Hipsters

After a heavy day of wandering the streets of Oxford, you’re going to need to visit a drinking hole. A Brazilian couple has started a microbrewery in 2018, inside the Covered Market. Serving locally sourced and produced craft beer as well as supplying locally produced spirits and mead.

Opening hours:

Mon – Sat: 10:30 – 5:30 pm

Sunday: 10:30 – 4 pm

The Covered Market




For this of you who are looking for handmade leather goods.

I found ‘The leather shop’ which has been going since 1972. The shop started making hand made goods. In recent years more has been imported from Italy. However, the belts are handmade, and you can ask them to make bespoke leather items.

Opening hours:

Mon – Friday: 10 – 5 pm

Sat: 9:30 – 5:30 pm

Sunday: Closed

4 Turl St,




Vinyl in Oxford: Truck store Cowley

If you fancy going a little further and exploring the town then head to Cowley and discover your inner Vinyl lover. The shop and Truck have a long Oxfordshire history. Two brothers started a small festival in southern Oxfordshire in 1998, and the stage was on the back of a truck! Bands to have played include Ash, Supergrass, The Lemonheads, and The Foals. The festival grew and they created a record shop in Cowley, which sells vinyl and promotes local bands.

Opening hours:

Mon – Friday: 9:30 – 6:30pm

Sat: 10 – 7pm

Sunday: 11 – 6pm

101 Cowley Rd,




Finally, some vintage clothing, which can be found at Eagle Vintage. A quaint retro store in Jericho filled with the smell of old clothing. Stocked full of hand-picked items of clothing from decades of men’s and women’s fashion that has come through oxford.

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10.30 – 18.30

103 Walton Street, Jericho,

Ox2 6du



What tour of Oxford as a Hipster would not be complete without quick mobility.

Bike zone is in the city centre, run by local cycle enthusiasts and rents and sells all bike goods you could need. You can also hit the cafe next door.

Opening hours:

Mon – Friday: 8 – 6 pm

Sat: 9 – 6 pm

Sun: 10:30 – 4 pm

28-32 St Michael’s St,




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If your interested in more independent stores and things to do in Oxford check out the link to Oxford Independent stores.



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