Welcome back to 2019 World Walkers.

Shazam, and I’m back World Walkers.

World Walker

Welcome back World Walkers. I hope your travels after the winter months have been wonderful. For myself, I’ve been on my book duties along with marketing. As soon as Spring sunshine had spread across London I decided to test the blogging waters of writing again.


I’ve come up with a host of ideas to start this spring off.

I have devised another virtual tour of London. Starting you off at Buckingham Palace and taking you all through to Trafalgar Square and down to Westminster to visit another palace and the Supreme Court. Where we will learn about love and passion, desire and treachery and a con artist that sold Nelson’s Column, and Buckingham Palace as well as some history on how London got started.


I’ve also got plans for something new and fresh. My publisher thinks it would be a golden topic! Brexit. Lol. I’m kidding, or am I?

Well if it all goes down into anarchy and no deal, you might thank your lucky stars that you’ve taken time to read the historical ideas on how to survive Brexit. Things like ‘How to build a home out of mud?’, ‘Making your first fire 🔥’ the following weeks, ‘How to build fortifications against looters from scrap materials?’ ‘How to make your own water and electricity if the services go down?’ Once this has been established you’ll need to know ‘how to build a local militia to protect your village?’ and eventually “How to conquer Britain?’ the list is endless. To give you a heads up, you need to turn a map of Britain upside down, rebuild Hadrian’s wall, and then burn a witch with you and three dragon eggs inside. No one said that conquering Britain is easy, History has shown that repeatedly.

World Walker in Peckham.

I will also be starting a series on food in Peckham. I’ve found so much great food here, it’s surprising how little I’ve seen fit the advertising. When speaking to the vendors I’ve discovered some very interesting histories on how people came to Peckham and how they ended up with their food stores and stalls.

Jack the Ripper

If that is not enough, I’ve plans in the fall to have a tour of London’s East End and the haunting ground of Jack the Ripper. A man or even possibly a woman who stalked the streets of London, finding victims, all female and all prostitutes. Totalling at anywhere between 5-11 deaths, depending on who you read. We will look at the possible suspects. From foreigners to Princes, as well as some of the weird evidence circling around at present. A shawl supposedly belonging to the victim to a diary of Jack the Ripper discovered in Liverpool.


Finally, and hopefully, I will be making some trips and adventures back to that beautiful Italian island and to some other hot destinations over the coming weeks and year.

So welcome back World Walkers to some more fun, Sunday reading.

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  1. Great post 😁

  2. Alexpkerr says:

    Thank you and more to come.

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