The Sicily Travel Guide Book.

I have been travelling the globe for over a decade. This book contains information on how to travel and live abroad. Here are my key tips, tricks and knowledge on how to get the best out of any trip to Europe and Sicily. If you want

This is a guide for any traveller wishing to get the most from a visit to Sicily, and it fits perfectly into your luggage.

The author is as a mix of adventurer and historian. The book shows how to create an enjoyable holiday. Alex is able to do this because of his deep love and knowledge of its history. Yet this is no dry tomb. It is up-to-date, with personal and useful information. Telling you no more than you need, to plan and make the most of your holiday and your notions to settle there.

It focuses on the love for the island: The food, beautiful streets, historical places and the breathtaking Mount Etna. Full of tips to do the hardest of things: Make friends and build yourself a social (and romantic) life as a single stranger in a new land. Knowing how to do that, who would not love to explore the planet solo?

The narrative is a humorous, gentle and easy to read. Perfect for the beach or sipping coffee in the beautiful streets and piazzas of Syracuse. The narrator’s voice adds to the experience of this island. One can imagine they have been invited along to join him on his adventures.