Oxford for History Lovers

Welcome World Walkers and history lovers. Here is a guided tour of the city with more about the inhabitants of the city and a little less about the University. We cover the Castle, the Covered Market, Shakespeare and some Kings.

What to do in Oxford for hipsters.

After having spent several summers studying the native hipster in their natural environment of a craft beer pub. I have come up with a list of locations to help the native and sometimes endangered hipster in Oxford. I don’t use the term Hipster as a pejorative term but one for an etherial group of people…

Places to eat in Oxford

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’m a foodie. I’ve been hooked ever since I can remember and most likely before that. I doubt I’m going to recover because it is awesome! If you are a foodie too. This week’s blog is going to be a blend of suggestions around independently Oxford-based food stores. Having lived in…

What to do in Oxford: On a £20 budget

What to do in Oxford: Oxford on a budget of £20 for the day. In preparation for the book I intend to release this December, ‘What to do in Oxford: An imagination tour’. This week I have decided to see what I can offer you on your tour of Oxford at the low cost of…

Older than the US, with better Cookies

Happy New Year World Walker After all the hard work of reading and the travelling on this imagination tour of Oxford, a treat is needed. And I have a treat that will beat a Wonka Bar. Probably the best cookies that I have ever had in my life reside in Oxford. They are Ben’s Cookies….