Oxford Pubs

Welcome World Walker to my guide to Oxford Pubs.

Oxford for History Lovers

Welcome World Walkers and history lovers. Here is a guided tour of the city with more about the inhabitants of the city and a little less about the University. We cover the Castle, the Covered Market, Shakespeare and some Kings.

Good, bad and ugly news

Good, bad and ugly new To help you with you gaining entrance into the Tower of London I am going to give you a virtual tour of the inside of the tower. Hopefully, this will help you convince the Beefeaters that you are a credible person and allow you inside. Without them, you have a…

Welcome to your new home, the Tower of London.

Now that we have food, warmth and some walls, we might need some defences for the marauding, cannibal bands that now roam the streets of London and Britain. I had suggested Ikea, as it’s full of comfy furniture, kitchen equipment, plants and a large supply of meatballs. Some of the roofs even have solar panels….

Foraging for food post Brexit.

Foraging. So, as the world of Brexit continues, my first blog had to be the most important thing we need daily to survive. Not our phones, not social media, food. I have added several sites, there are foraging courses, foraging books, and guides. Before trying any of these suggestions please consult your Doctor.If cannibalism and…