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Happy New Year World Walker

After all the hard work of reading and the travelling on this imagination tour of Oxford, a treat is needed. And I have a treat that will beat a Wonka Bar. Probably the best cookies that I have ever had in my life reside in Oxford. They are Ben’s Cookies.

Established in 1983, in a store no bigger than a nicely sized kitchen. The store is small and quaint and tucked in the Covered Market. It can be found off the High Street at the top near Carfax. There is another route from Cornmarket Street, opposite MacDonald’s. I honestly dislike that fact that I’ve mentioned the fast food joint. It is an entrance, that looks like a dead end, but it takes you through some shops that look like they are from the times of Shakespeare. Then on the left, you find it continues to the Covered Market.


Ben's cookies

Ben's cookies

The reason for the cookies being so fantastic is the secret, that I have tried to crack, of the melted chocolate in the centre of the cookie. It’s not hot, it’s a soft velvet chocolate goo, which slips down to your stomach. I would love to read in the comments where anyone can find or has found a cookie of a similar calibre. Especially, as this blog has an international audience. I have travelled to probably 20/50 states in the US, and I am to come across anything like these, either in a store or homemade.

If chocolate does not grab you, there are a variety of flavours, fruit, peanut butter, coconut, ginger and oatmeal and raisin. I have never tried these, as I am hooked on the taste of a triple chocolate chip. Be warned though the number of calories in these cookies means that one is more than enough!

Once you’ve bought your cookie, there is an old market to discover and look through. As the name suggests, all undercover and the businesses are owned and run predominantly by local businesses and people. These shops have taken a hit lately due to the opening of the new mall called the Westgate Centre. However, this market has something more real and less fabricated in an industrial site. The market is officially 2 years older than the United States and designed by the architect of the Magdalen Bridge. The Market contains pretty much anything and everything you could want. For food that has Oxford Origins, sausages and Oxford sauces, Oxford SauceGreek, and Brazilian, to cheap, large quantities of take away food to quaint hidden restaurants such as Georgiana’s or cafés such as Brown’s.

Brown’s looks like it would fit perfectly in an episode of Only fools and horses, simple, clean, English style cooking, cracking for a full English, vegan or omnivore breakfast and worth every penny. Georgina’s restaurant/café is equally as tasty, with a more vintage feel, excellent sandwiches, and more vegetarian and vegan options. There are the traditional butchers’ in the market, some which have been there for over 100 years. Be aware of the hanging animals, not for everyone.  If shopping is on your mind, there are plenty of jewellery, kitchen equipment, coffee, clothing, shoe and watch stores to visit.

Hope you walkers have a good start to the new year.

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Happy New Year

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