Good Morning with a smile.

I’m lying in bed this morning and thinking about what to talk about. So I thought I’d do something a little different.

I’d like to know what you all do as a morning routine to perk you up?

What gets you energised?


Clears your mind?

Puts a smile on your face?

So you can begin your day with a smile and can motivate you to get into work. Please feel free to comment below.

Over the years. I’ve tried and still practice a number of ideas and even invested money into a morning routine.

At present, I start by being woken up by a Lumie clock, which makes a huge difference in the winter months. I hate sound alarms in the morning, the noises or music always had me in a bad mood. This device switches on a light bulb over 20-30 minutes and begins to increase in light to gently wake you up. No noise necessary for me, and no angry wanting to hit your alarm clock. If you buy the right bulb it will even produce light which helps you produce serotonin. A chemical you release to that makes you feel happy.

Lumie Clock

The next steps do depend on you, thus my asking.

For me, it’s getting on to some brain games, and duo lingo. Peak and elevate have been my preferred choice, but there are tons of choices out there for brain games. The main thing is getting a sense of achievement, maybe helping your mind wake up and learning something new. Even if it’s Klingon.


Starting the day with a comedy. If you want something to put you in the right mood I can’t recommend this enough. 20-30 minute program of comedy, whether it’s a show like Fraiser, The Simpsons or Curb your enthusiasm or listening to old greats like the radio program, “the goon show.” you can find something, it gives you a great lift first thing.


Speaking about lifting, some morning nookie, can’t fail to help you both start your day with a bounce and skip in your step. Just be warned, you tend to lose track of time…


Not ordinary exercise. I’ve been using a Roller. An amazing cylinder-shaped device made of foam. Plus a ball, with small edges sticking out all over its surface. Tennis balls and golf balls work wonders as well. You place the item in a location that you feel has a lot of tension and place your body weight on top and move over the roller. Not only are you getting light exercise, but you’re also contracting muscles and potentially getting rid of excess fat. Please consult with a professional before you start, to make sure you don’t get injured. I can say I have been doing this for a month and the difference in the way my body feels is incredible. Tension and stress have been significantly reduced all over.

Jog and wheel.

Rolling Wheel

There are other devices and means that people prefer. Jogging can be a great way to start. Long stretch and then going for a mile to 10 depending on preference can feel very satisfying. Last Christmas I received an interesting set of gifts for my then girlfriend, a wheel device, with handlebars on the side and a weird inflatable cushion. I quickly realised that this was less a gift and more a suggestion to work on my abs…

However, unlike the girlfriend, the wheel has stayed and this has turned into an excellent morning ritual. It’s quick to use, you don’t need much space and the results are there and have been pretty quick to produce.


Good morning BreakfastGood morning Breakfast

So much to choose! I’ve lived in different countries and experienced a few different breakfast cultures. I do like the fruit breakfasts in Brazil, coffees and croissants or cornettos in Italy and France. Or something larger like porridge or a full monty. Depends on mood, weather and season. Right now, I’m making a batch of porridge the night before, mixed with chia seeds, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, raspberries, blueberries and oat milk. Ready to eat first thing in the morning and tastes dam good and takes little time to make or prep. Will say there is nothing quite like a full monty/English. It’s apparently a WW2 tradition, where British General Montgomery didn’t want his chaps starting their day on empty stomachs, and thus the name Full Monty. Can’t condone the health implications but once a month shouldn’t be too bad, and it can taste dam good, and there are plenty of ways of making it vegan with hash browns and vegan sausages.

Feel free to leave your comments below on what you think makes a good start to the day.

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